In June the FSFA held its 45th Annual Offshore SLAM. Although we had fewer boats than we hoped for, no one told the fish. We had winners in every category. All of the group winners were above 35 pounds!

The winner of the SLAM Trophy(sponsored again by SUNRISE MARINA)was the crew of the ‘COOL BEANS’ with a total weight of 49.4# The winning dolphin, wahoo, and cobia all exceeded 40#.

In July, our guest speaker will be giving us tips on fishing for tarpon along the shorelines of Brevard County. Big fish, close to shore. Please take note of the new FWC regulations regarding tarpon (and bonefish) before you head out to catch the ‘Silver Kings’. You can find the info on www.myfwc.com .

The date for the meeting will be July 23 at the Veterans Center around 7:00pm. There will be some food and beverages available (donation please), and JD will prepare a raffle with prizes provided thru one of our supporting members.

As always, our meetings are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, and we hope you will join us. You can find out more on our website www.fsfaclub.org or look for the FSFA page on Facebook.