Port Canaveral

Capt. Jim Ross

Anglers are looking forward to the rising water tempertures that March will bring. Cobia and tripletail will be two of the main species that you can focus on this month. These fish should be found near color changes, bait pods, and floating debris that usually collect around the 40 to 60-foot depths offshore of the Port and Cocoa Beach. Casting a large, brightly-colored “cobia” jig is one of the most popular ways to get these fish to strike. If the cobia are following manta rays, try a top water plug instead. I like the Rapala Long cast shallow or a Williamson Surface pro myself. These are great options to cast to the cobia and usually do not get snagged on the ray. Casting a live eel, menhaden, crab, or pinfish can also be very good way to get them to strike. Tripletail are suckers for a fat shrimp free-lined near them. These fish will usually race over to eat one that is presented properly. Closer to the beach, snook and tarpon will be the main focus. These fish are often found near the Canaveral jetties and along the outside edge of the surf break. They are feeding on croakers and menhaden. You should start to find them once the water temps at the beach get above the 70-degree mark.

Capt. Jim Ross
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