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Fort Myers Fishing Report: Feb. 2017

Boys and girls of Fish World, lots of great things are happening here in the waters of southwest Florida, big-huge … Jan 27th, 2017

Fort Myers Fishing Report: Jan. 2017

OK let’s talk about where to go fishing. To get the year started let’s go right to the Gulf.
 There … Dec 22nd, 2016

Ft. Myers Fishing Report: Dec 2016

One of the more sought after Florida game fish are sea trout. These fish are located on both coasts, are … Nov 23rd, 2016

Fort Myers Fishing Report: November 2016

by Fishin’ Franks This past October was a tough one, Red Tides all through the month and then Hurricane Matthew … Oct 30th, 2016

Fort Myers Fishing Report: Oct. 2016

The Most famous Trash fish in Florida, The racing mullet, soap fish, Yes the Robalo, Sargent fish, Snook Yes this … Sep 30th, 2016

Fort Myers Fishing Report: Sept. 2016

Snook season is here and it starts with lure selection. Yes, the lures you choose for Snook fishing should be … Aug 27th, 2016

Fort Myers Fishing Report: August 2016

ICAST is the national trade show for the fishing industry and a new line of lures is out and in … Jul 26th, 2016

Fort Myers Fishing Report: July 2016

I’m looking forward to fishing this month with the water temperatures just a little below average. For the past couple … Jun 30th, 2016

Fort Myers Fishing Report: June 2016

What if the air changed color? I know it’s a strange way to start an article, but think about it … May 27th, 2016

Fort Myers Fishing Report: May 2016

It’s springtime in Florida and a young man’s fancy turns to tarpon. Yes a young angler’s thoughts and dreams are … Apr 28th, 2016