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It is hard to complain about the colder than normal winter we are having here in south-west Florida, when our … Mar 1st, 2016


Well I guess it was bound to happen. It was going to get colder at some point. Don’t worry it’s … Jan 30th, 2016

Peace River – Port Charlotte Fishing Report: Jan. 2016

Well fellow anglers for me it’s time for long johns and jig heads, must be winter time. No the long johns are not some hot new secret lure. Their main function is to keep this Florida boy warm. To me there’s nothing I hate more than being cold while I am out fishing. Jig heads come into play for me during the colder winter months when shrimp become the bait of choice. Dec 30th, 2015

Peace River – Port Charlotte Fishing Report: Dec. 2015

Along with the holiday season comes cooler weather here in sunny Southwest Florida. Water temperatures are falling down into the sixties and seventies, pushing the schools of baitfish that we depended on during the summer and fall months in search of warmer waters.Nov 29th, 2015

Peace River – Port Charlotte Fishing Report: Nov. 2015

Summer is behind us and we have been having some great weather. The mornings have been nice and cool with nice warm sunny days. The water in the harbor is still tanned from the late rains that we had the last couple months. That should begin to clear up. Oct 26th, 2015

Peace Harbor — Port Charlotte Fishing Report: Oct 2015

Rain, rain, go away!! Hopefully with October here the summer rains will start to subside. This has got to be one of the wettest I’ve seen in a long time. I’m often asked if all this rain affects the fishing. I think the fish in Charlotte Harbor get used to the freshwater but on the other hand it does affect the bait.Sep 28th, 2015

Peace River – Port Charlotte Fishing Report: Sept. 2015

Rain has been in the forecast here in Florida the last few weeks. The Peace River is very high and all of its tributaries such as Horse Creek are dumping plenty of freshwater. The past few weeks the waters in Charlotte Harbor have become darkened due to this.Aug 26th, 2015