Lake Okeechobee South End Report: Feb. 2017

Are you ready to get out of the cold snowy north and catch some bass? Well then Lake Okeechobee is … Jan 27th, 2017

Lake Okeechobee North End Report: Feb. 2017

Bass fishing on the north end of The Big ‘O’ has been up and down, just like the weather. Cooler … Jan 27th, 2017

Highlands Fishing Report: Jan. 2017

By: Ly Nguyen As the New Year brings in some fish to the beds, fish will still be found staged-up … Dec 22nd, 2016

Lake Okeechobee North End Report: Jan. 2017

Fishing on the north end of the Big ‘O’ has been for the most part very good; mild air temperatures … Dec 22nd, 2016

Lake Okeechobee South End Report: Jan. 2017

Happy New Years to ya’ll and a good year it is going to be here on Lake Okeechobee! The fishing … Dec 22nd, 2016

Fort Myers Fishing Report: Jan. 2017

OK let’s talk about where to go fishing. To get the year started let’s go right to the Gulf.
 There … Dec 22nd, 2016

Slim’s Fish Camp Fishing Report: Jan. 2017

By Sally Hernandez The south end of Lake Okeechobee is producing excellent catches! One of our local guides caught an … Dec 22nd, 2016

Peace River – Charlotte Harbor Report: Jan. 2017

Well fellow anglers it’s that time of year to put the cast nets up and get the shrimp tackle out. … Dec 22nd, 2016

Palm Beach Kayak Report: Jan. 2017

Inshore Pompano, bluefish, jacks and Spanish mackerel become more of the focus in January. I like to target areas near … Dec 22nd, 2016

Cast & Blast: Dec. 2016

Not much to report as of this writing date, Nov. 11th.

I went scouting on my airboat yesterday along the northwest … Nov 26th, 2016