Dear Diary….

“I aspire to drag this sport into something it needs for the sake of its future – stronger fishermen” –CHRISTINA WEBER

I feel these next words are only fitting for a ‘She Who Fishes’ column. This month will be a passage from my, Dear Diary.

Not too often I find myself fishing with another girl, or wondering if she loves it as much as I do. So, taking the chance to wander into someone else fishing life can be extremely scary. Especially for me! I’m sort of a crazy fishing redhead control freak. That’s an important block in my life and I tend to protect it with everything I have. So here I am today in one of those super rare changes where we each allow a stranger into the one thing that makes our hearts the happiest. That’s how tournament fishing works for me and her. It’s loving something with your entire heart where passion takes over and becomes almost overwhelming to be around. You become that person who is stubborn. I like to think that as long as you’re stubborn about your goals and flexible with your methods than you’ll always find your way.

I’m on the road this week fishing a tournament out of Orange, Texas on the Sabine River. It’s one of those ‘Fishing Through Her Eyes’ segments. I’ve never traveled and prepared to fish a tournament with a girl before. Our eyes, our hearts, our efforts, each day, just us. It’s been a long time coming for this sport. Each day the two of us, together drag bass tournament and tournaments period, a little closer to showing everyone it can be done. You don’t need anyone else but your drive, your passion and your heart to get you there. No baloney male captain male mate situation. No boyfriends who don’t listen or force you to follow a program outside your gut. This is us in the rawest most true form. Two girls seeking success and growth through one of the toughest industries. Social media says we might have reached a peak. What social media has really shown is who is temporary, and introduced those who are in it for the long haul.

I know sometimes I don’t write a ‘fishing report’ or a ‘How to’, but these little stories I believe go further. Not everyone can teach you how to take a chance and follow and dream. I aspire to drag this sport into something it needs for the sake of its future – stronger fishermen. Whether you’re a male or female, we need inspiration to keep moving forward. If you’re wandering and wondering when fishing will take a turn, it won’t. So, get up, saddle up, girl up, because it’s a fun world out there and there shouldn’t just be a handful of us utilizing it. Stop waiting for the turn and be the turn.

Christina Weber is a born and raised South Florida fisherman utilizing the fishing capital to the full extent. For her, kayak fishing happened by accident when she wanted to venture into uncharted waters that she couldn’t reach by motor boat. Over time, she realized that a kayak could take her anywhere, and fish freshwater, saltwater, inshore and offshore all from her Hobie Outback. Christina has been competing in tournaments for over 10 years. For more on Christina, visit