South Indian River: May 2019

Refish will be more active this month and you can fish for them around docks, mangroves and grass flats. Some good choices for lures will be gold spoons and the D.O.A. 2 ¾-inch shrimp.May 21st, 2019
Indian River Fishing - black drum

South Indian River: Jan. 2019

Lots of species are in the river this month.  Pompano, sheepshead, drum and Spanish mackerel are all winter fish that arrive here as the water temps drop. Dec 30th, 2018

South Indian River: Oct. 2018

October will continue to be a productive month for those who seek redfish on the flats. The new D.O.A. 2.75-niche shrimp or C.A.L. grub tails are two of the best choices for redfish, along with a variety of live and cut baits.Oct 7th, 2018

South Indian River: August 2018

Trout and snapper will continue to be the best bite around the river.Aug 5th, 2018

South Indian River: July 2018

Mornings on the river will bring action at first light on top water lures for snook or trout along the flats. They will seek deeper water as the sun rises. Jun 29th, 2018

South Indian River: May 2018

The water is already in the mid-70s and that means the fish will be hungry. It will provide fantastic mornings for top water and lazy afternoons to drift the flats.Apr 28th, 2018