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Fly Fishing

Choosing the Correct Baitfish Fly

In many fly anglers’ boxes, you will see an array of flies in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Having the one correct fly in the box is the key to success.April 8, 2017

A Modern Take on Booking Fishing Guides and Charters

Booking fishing guides and charters have not really changed at all for 50 years, so the industry is ripe for change and improvement.April 18, 2017

Fishing Tips & Guides

Finding Fish In The Indian River Lagoon

Most anglers can catch a fish but few know how to find them. Here are a few tips for finding fish in the Indian River Lagoon.April 24, 2017

Freshwater Fishing

Fish Tags and Fish Tales

I have known Abe (10) and Oren Doxey (8), well... their entire life. My wife and I were in the hospital waiting rooms when both boys were born.March 6, 2017

Saltwater Fishing

Seeing Double

Catching your first billfish is something an angler will never forget. But what happens when the same thing happens twice? April 14, 2017

Dinner and a Show

April 1, 2017

Hooked on Fishing

March 29, 2017

Florida Fishing Reports

Port Canaveral Offshore

By: Capt. Chris Cameron Here we are in April. Normally, we are waiting for that in between month of the …

Tampa Bay

As water temps start to climb different species are moving into the bay and back from the rivers as the …

Central Florida Inland: 04/2017

CENTRAL FLORIDA INLAND Spring has sprung and the yearly cycle is off to a great start.  Water levels are low, …

Stuart Jensen Beach Inshore Fishing Report and Forecast: April 2017

With the clear water conditions you can spot the snook on the flats and sight cast. Clear water means drop down on leader size and stay low to the water so they don’t see you. Stealth approach is best. The Roosevelt Bridge and Ten Cent Bridge always have big mommas hanging out on the structure.

Southeast Fishing Reports

Northeast Fishing Reports

April 2017: Why Knot Fishing

Fishing Forecast By Joe Gugino, Why Knot Fishing Spring is here! And so is the fishing! There will be some great …