Dr. Julie Ball

Virginia Beach Sportfishing Rundown

By Dr. Julie Ball IGFA Representative, Virginia Beach January 2017 With the New Year upon us, many anglers are reflecting … January 9, 2017 122

How Bad Do You Want It?

The answers aren’t cut-and-dry or crystal clear. Most tournament anglers I know are perfectly content competing at the club and local level for beer money. But don’t underestimate the will of those guys either. I recently competed in a Deerpoint Team Trail event with Travis Poole in which a win would have been a few hundred dollars for us to split.January 1, 2017 652

Heads Of Cold Steel

Winter steelhead fishing can be chilling, but once you hook into a 10-pound, lightning-fast bolt of silver, your blood will be boiling. The speed and explosion are what lures steelheaders to expose themselves to harsh Great Lakes winters. And there’s more. On Upstate New York’s Salmon River, there are plenty of beautiful, large, lake-run brown trout mixed in.January 1, 2017 2177

How to Catch Big Bass in the Winter

Now, how do you catch big bass in the winter? What should I be looking for right now? And the best TOP 10 Lures to catch your winter bass!December 20, 2016 341

Fish Bluff Walls For Winter Bass

By Brandon Lester As temperatures plummet and bass move to their winter haunts, one of my favorite places to find … December 3, 2016 353

GONE COASTAL – Bluefish: Worth The Chase

By Jill Christoferson When you ask people about their favorite fish species in Florida, you will undoubtedly get a wide … December 3, 2016 428

Winter Wading Gear Check

By Capt. Michael Okruhlik It’s December. I’m ready for some winter wade fishing, and I am sure you are, too. … December 3, 2016 343

UNDER THE SEA – Spearfishing World Records

By Sheri Daye Most people have heard of IGFA (International Game Fish Association), which manages world records for fishermen. But … December 3, 2016 452

Paying Gulf Longliners Not To Fish

It can be tough to keep up with all the acronyms involved in and created by the aftermath of the … December 3, 2016 198

Playing to Winter Tendencies

Photo courtesy of Coastal Georgia Inshore Charters By CAM Staff It’s deep winter. And while the folks in south Florida … December 3, 2016 333

Wading The South Indian River Lagoon

Now that the winter bite is on, it’s time put on waders and catch some fish. The water’s up, and the fish are moving in the shallows. Wading is a great shallow-water technique. Even if the wind’s blowing 15 mph, you can stay in the prime spots without getting blown around.December 2, 2016 275

Wild Browns On The Chattahoochee Tailwater

Close to the bank and channeled into a deep run against a bedrock shelf, brown-tinged water floated Bob Rice’s bright … July 19, 2016 539
Trout Streams

Explore The Trout Streams Of Western North Carolina

Explore The Trout Streams Of Western North Carolina By TAM Staff The Tuckaseegee River rises from a series of high … June 7, 2016 767
Gold Medal Trout On Colorado Arkansas River

Gold Medal Trout Fishing On Colorado Arkansas River

Click Here To View Other Fly Fishing Articles Gold Medal is a designation bestowed by the Colorado Wildlife Commission on … June 1, 2016 484
Freshwater Cod Is An Ontario Record

Freshwater Cod Ontario Record

Photo by Richard Brochu Freshwater Cod Ontario Record A Canadian teenager has caught a new Ontario record burbot, according to … May 19, 2016 269
Finding Your Isolation

Finding Your Isolation

Finding Your Isolation By Justin Lucas Dock talk is where bass dreams go to die. If you let an idea … April 29, 2016 212

Fishing Plans Think On Your Feet

In February, Think On Your Feet By CAM Special Correspondent – Tobin Strickland Fishing plans February weather typically gives us … February 25, 2016 172

On The Water With Hobie- Meet Me At The Bar

Early last month I was invited by 13 Fishing’s marketing manager, Jose Chavez, to put their new line of ENVY saltwater spinning rods to the test. Our goal was to land a monster creek snook. We launched before first light and headed toward the creek as the tide was quickly dumping out. It seemed like a no brainer. February 1, 2015 154

Rodney Smith’s Fishy Corner Feb. 2015

February is not only the shortest month, it may also be the most difficult to predict weather-wise. After more than twenty years of writing Florida fishing forecasts, I've come to realize that my predictions are usually dependable, depending on the weather following normal patterns.February 1, 2015 326

More Than The Catch- Cold Weather and Spotted Seatrout

Weather, especially cold weather, can have a significant impact on our fisheries here in South Carolina, and few species are as vulnerable as spotted seatrout. It’s important for anglers to be aware of how environmental factors influence species abundance, and how they, as anglers, can sometimes offset the negative effects caused by natural events.January 21, 2015 322

Speakin Englis- Winter Means Convicts And Reds

Here are a couple great ideas for the colder season here in the Carolinas. Most of us start chasing waterfowl this time of the year, but there are some great opportunities throughout our area that can be rewarding and fun for anglers.January 17, 2015 119

An Epic Hook-Up

Epic is a word that gets bounced around a lot these days. But a boatload of anglers fishing out of St. Augustine, south of Jacksonville on Florida’s Atlantic coast, experienced a hook-up on Dec. 27 that might truly be described as epic.February 9, 2015 322

Cannibalistic Mahi-Mahi

Larger predators sometimes steal your catch, but mahi-mahi don’t usually end up on the winning end of the scenario. Coastal Angler reader Kent McNeal, who generally fishes out of the Boynton Inlet on south Florida’s Atlantic Coast, has a story to tell. He and a buddy were fishing a weed line when they got onto the kind of small dolphinfish often referred to as peanuts.January 20, 2015 336

Santa came Early

Santa came early for Casey Ryan, fishing in Palm Beach while home on winter break from her freshman year at Furman University. January 8, 2015 282

Fishing the Palm Beaches with Darcizzle

During the course of December we will continue to have cooling air and sea temperatures, providing a much needed break from the summertime conditions. December 1, 2014 227
Red Snapper

Ron “The Pirate” Johnson

At four in the morning it’s nearly always quiet. Waves move boats slightly up then down, and wet ropes make … November 6, 2014 213